Oracle Open Data

Using Oracle Open Data to publish and access open data on OSF

This tutorial was created by Steffen Bollmannn.

Github: @stebo85

Oracle Open Data is an open platform for scientific data

Publish a dataset

To publish your data there you need to get in touch with Oracle and create a project. The upload then is done via the OCI command line tool. We for example uploaded one our datasets there:,5

Access a dataset

To download a dataset from Oracle Open data you can use curl or wget:

curl -OL

Or you can mount the object storage bucket inside NeuroDesk using rlcone (requires rclone v1.60.1 + this does not work on the hosted Neurodesk instances on due to limited privileges):

mkdir -p ~/TOMCAT
rclone mount opendata3p:TOMCAT ~/TOMCAT &

This assumes the following ~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf configuration (which is setup already for you inside Neurodesk):

type = oracleobjectstorage
provider = no_auth
namespace = idrvm4tkz2a8
region = us-ashburn-1
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