What's in the box?

The software available in neurodesktop

Neurodesktop comes with the essential software required for neuroimaging data analysis pre-installed. Each release is built with the most recent version of these packages available at the build date. Some example packages include:

  • Editors and Programming (can be found in menu, or launched from command line by typing their name):
    • code (Visual Studio Code)
    • gedit (simple visual editor)
    • emacs
    • vim
    • python
    • git
  • Workflow systems:
    • Nipype (including GraphVis)
  • Data Syncronisation tools: (See our Storage section for more information: Storage)
  • System Management:
    • Lmod (inlcuding Lua)
    • Singularity
    • Htop
  • Misc
    • Imagemagic
    • Firefox
    • OpenSSH client

The neurodesktop environment is built to be light and fast to download and start-up. Most additional programs are therefore downloaded when they are first used. A list of these packages can be found here