Run a demo of neurodesktop without installing anything

Choose the link below closest to your location for your own instance of Neurodesk on your browser running on Oracle cloud resources.

LocationNeurodesk Play link
Australia East
US West
US East
Germany Central

You can upload data to the desktop by simply drag-and-dropping files on the browser window. Data uploaded during your session are stored on Oracle Cloud, and will be automatically deleted at the end of the session. To download your files before deletion: You need to open the guacamole settings by pressing CTRL-ALT-SHIFT (Control-Command-Shift on Mac). This will open a menu on the side:


where you can click on “Shared Drive”:


and a click (or double clink on Mac) on the file will start the download.

You can browse into folders in the shared drive by clicking (double clicking on Mac) on them. To get back to the base of the shared drive, press on the drive icon in the top left of the side menu (just below the “Shared Drive” title).

To close the side menu, click on CTRL-ALT-SHIFT once more (Control-Command-Shift on Mac).