Nectar Virtual Desktop Service

Run neurodesktop in the Nectar Virtual Desktop Service

This option is only available to Australian researchers.

Go to

Click on “Sign in”.

Choose the AAF option.

Choose your instituion from the list.

Provide your email address and password.

Click on “EXPLORE”.

Click “VIEW DETAILS” under Neurodesktop: image

Click “CREATE DESKTOP +” button on the top right corner.

Choose the desired availability zone.

Wait until everything is completed: image

Click “OPEN DESKTOP ->”: image

To launch the various applications available in Neurodesktop, follow the instructions here:

There are a few little differences between the open-source version of Neurodesk and what’s hosted on Nectar VDI:

  1. There is no /neurodesktop-storage folder.
  2. Files uploaded via drag and drop do not get stored on the desktop but in /home/vdiuser/thinclient_drives/GUACFS

Good luck!