Neurodesk Singularity Containers

Our docker containers are converted to singularity containers and stored on Object storage.

Download Singularity Containers

First get an overview which containers are available as Singularity containers:

curl -s

assign the container name to a variable:

export container=itksnap_3.8.0_20201208

Then download the containers. An easy way is to use CURL (e.g. downloading from the US location):

curl -X GET${container}.simg -O

or from australia

curl -X GET${container}.simg -O

A faster way is pulling from multiple storage locations at once using aria2:


Transparent Singularity

The singularity containers can be also be used in combination with our Transparent Singularity Tool tool, that wraps the executables inside a container to make them easily available for pipelines. More information can be found here:

one example to do this is:

curl -s
export container=itksnap_3.8.0_20201208
git clone ${container}
cd ${container}
./ ${container}