Contribute Containers

How to contribute a new container.

To make contributing containers easier, we developed an interactive container build system. If you are very familiar with Git and building containers you can also follow the manual process, which you can find documented here:

1) Open an issue to get access to the interactive container build system

  • describe which container you would like to add
  • wait for a reply on your issue that your account has been setup

2) Access the container build system

  • authenticate with your github account
  • select a CPU session or a GPU session (if your container requires a GPU)
  • open a Neurodesktop session

3) Run the interactive build process

  • open a Terminal session
  • run:
cd ~
git clone
cd neurocontainers/interactive_builder/
  • Follow the instructions of the interactive build tool. After a couple of seconds where the base image gets updated you should see a “root@neurodesk-builder:~$>” shell. Now run the commands to get your tool to work.
  • Once the tool works, hit CTRL-D or type “exit”
  • Then answer more questions in the build tool

4) Submit the generated and file as attachements to your issue

  • once completed, download the and file and submit them as attachements to your github issue