Install neurocommand on Windows

WSL (w/ Ubuntu + LXDE)

For more information on WSL:

Setting up

  1. Setup WSL2 using the following instructions (Ubuntu 18.04 recommended) Proceed until a Ubuntu bash shell is available from the Windows Host
    Run the remaining commands in the Bash shell
  2. sudo apt-get install lxde to install LXDE desktop in WSL
  3. Reboot
  4. sudo apt-get install xrdp to install XRDP in WSL
  5. Open /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini Change port=3389 to port=3390 and save
  6. Run echo startlxde > ~/.xsession


  1. sudo service xrdp start to start xrdp server
  2. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection in Windows host
  3. Connect to localhost:3390
  4. In the next login page, leave Session as Xorg. Enter your WSL username and password and click OK
  5. This should open an LXDE Linux Desktop environment. Follow Linux guide from here on