How to add new tools

How to add new tools to neurodesk

Guiding principles

To decide if a tool should be packaged in a Neurocontainers or be installed in the Neurodesktop container, we are currently following these guiding principles:

1) Neurodesk is a Platform, Not a Package Manager: We don’t distribute tools that can be easily installed via standard package managers.

2) Multiple versions of tools: Neurodesk supports the use of multiple versions of a tool in parallel via lmod. If a tool doesn’t support this, follow this instruction to package it in Neurocontainers.

3) Inter-Container Tool Linking: Neurodesk is designed to facilitate the linking of tools from different containers, such as workflow managers like nipype or nextflow. Therefore, if a tool is needed to coordinate various container-tools, create an issue to have it installed directly in the Neurodesktop container.


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Adding new tools to Neurocontainers:

Follow either of these instructions to add new tools

via interactive container builder


via manual container builder

Interactive Build

How to contribute a new container.

Manual Build

How to contribute a new container.

Menu entries

Menu entries in neurodesktop

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