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This section acknowledges the contributions made to the project.

    If you contributed to the project please list yourself here with a description of your contribution. We try to update this page based on the git commit history:

    Steffen Bollmann

    • funding: Oracle Cloud (114k AUD), ECR Knowledge Exchange & Translation Fund (42k AUD), ARDC (CI for $566k AUD)
    • system architecture
    • CVMFS container deployment
    • initial desktop container prototype
    • container build scripts
    • application containers (afni, aslprep, code, convert3D, freesurfer, hdbet, minc mriqc, romeo, spm12, tgvqsm, bart, fatsegnet, fsl, itksnap, lcmodel, mritools, niistat, qsmxt, root, slicer, trackvis, ants, cat12, conn, diffusiontoolkit, gimp, mricrogl, mrtrix3, rstudio, slicersalt, surfice, vesselapp, bidstools, clearswi, connectomeworkbench, dsistudio, fmriprep, julia, mrtrix3tissue, palm rabies, spinalcordtoolbox)
    • migrating container recipes and bugfixes to neurodocker upstream (fsl, ants)
    • documentation
    • tutorials (QSM, SWI, Unwrapping, lcmodel, freesurfer)
    • google colab support
    • outreach (e.g. Mastodon, talks at conferences, youtube videos)

    Aswin Narayanan

    • funding: ARDC (CI for $566k AUD)
    • Neurocontainer devops
    • Neurodesktop development
    • Neurocommand installer rewrite
    • Neurodesk Play & Kubernetes implementation
    • Jupyter notebook support
    • Hugo website build and documentation

    Angela Renton

    • Tutorials (MNE-Python, Tutorial template)
    • graphics for website (layer diagram)
    • documentation
    • user testing
    • neurodesk paper lead author

    Thuy Dao

    • Application search tool with lunr
    • platform independent GUI application (Neurodeskapp)
    • application container development (civet)
    • documentation (github workflow)
    • automated building and testing of example documentation from jupyter notebooks
    • development of interactive container building tool

    Oren Civier

    • Funding: ARDC Australian Electrophysiology Data Analytics PlaTform (AEDAPT) (CI for $566k AUD) - contributing to initial conceptualisation, EOI writeup, scope of project, proposal writeup, teaming up with the Australian Imaging Service (AIS), recruiting collaborators, assisting collaborators with case studies
    • Design: leading the Virtual Neuro Machine (VNM) hackathon project in the 2020 OHBM BrainHack, where the first version of Neurodesktop was developed
    • Development: allowing Neurodesk containers running in Neurodesktop to access sshfs mounts
    • Development: template for container recipe documentation
    • Development: software application containers - developer (bidscoin, MATLAB; in progress: MMVT)
    • Development: software application containers - facilitator (Fieldtrip, running arbitrary scripts using compiled MATLAB containers; in progress: SOVABIDS)
    • Documentation: for developers (contribution to “add tools”, configuring Github)
    • Documentation: for users (copy and paste troubleshooting, accessing storage, installation on different platforms, using ARDC Virtual Desktop Service, screenshots)
    • Documentation: Neurodesk’s original logo
    • User testing: HPC, NECTAR, Mac, Linux, ARDC Virtual Desktop Service
    • User testing: VNC and RDP interfaces, including multiple concurrent users
    • Outreach: providing assistance to nodes of the Australian National Imaging Facility with installing/using Neurodesk
    • Administration: one of Neurodesk/AEDAPT representatives in ARCOS, AIS and NECTAR Interactive Analytics committees and working groups
    • Papers: co-author Neurodesk manuscript (in preparation; contribution to initial outline, input on first draft), co-author proceedings of the OHBM Brainhack 2021 (to be published in Aperture)

    Thomas Shaw

    • Win, Mac, Linux startup scripts
    • initial transparent singularity prototype
    • application container development (LASHiS, ASHS)
    • user testing

    Tom Johnstone

    Martin Grignard

    David White

    Akshaiy Narayanan

    Kelly Garner

    Paris Lyons

    • design of Neurodesk Logo
    • project management of AEDAPT project

    Ashley Stewart

    • application container development (qsmxt)
    • presentation of neurodesk at OHBM Brainhack 2022 and OHBM educational course 2022

    Lars Kasper

    Judy D Zhu

    Korbinian Eckstein

    Stefanie Evas

    Xincheng Ye

    Fernanda Ribeiro

    Jeryn Chang

    Sin Kim

    Jakub Kaczmarzyk

    Alan Hockings

    Aditya Garg

    • application container development (hdbet)

    Kexin Lou

    Renzo Huber

    Monika Doerig

    • fsl nipype fMRI example

    Marcel Zwiers

    Steering Committee members without code contributions:

    • Ryan Sullivan, University of Sydney, Key User, Steering Committee
    • Thomas Close, University of Sydney, Key User, Scientific/Subject Expert Advisory Board
    • Wojtek Goscinski, Monash University, Steering Committee, Technical Advisory Board
    • Tony Hannan, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Scientific/Subject Expert Advisory Board
    • Gary Egan, Monash University, Steering Committee
    • Paul Sowman, Macquarie University, Key User, Scientific/Subject Expert Advisory Board
    • Marta Garrido, University of Melbourne, Key User, Scientific/Subject Expert Advisory Board
    • Patrick Johnston, Queensland University of Technology, Key User, Scientific/Subject Expert Advisory Board
    • Aina Puce, Indiana University, Key User, Scientific/Subject Expert Advisory Board
    • Franco Pestilli, Indiana University, Technical Advisory Board
    • Levin Kuhlmann, Monash University, Key User, Scientific/Subject Expert Advisory Board
    • Gershon Spitz, Monash Epworth Rehabilitation Research Centre, Key User, Scientific/Subject Expert Advisory Board
    • David Abbott, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Key User, Scientific/Subject Expert Advisory Board
    • Megan Campbell, The University of Newcastle, Key User, Scientific/Subject Expert Advisory Board
    • Nigel Rogasch, University of Adelaide, Key User, Scientific/Subject Expert Advisory Board
    • Will Woods, Swinburne University of Technology, Key User
    • Satrajit Ghosh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Provision of advice only